Season Nine

  1. The Hot Ones CLASSIC
  2. Sauce Bae
  3. Shaquanda's hot pepper sauce
  4. Lucky Dog - Thai Chili Pineapple sauce
  5. The Hot Ones LOS CALIENTES
  6. Hell Fire Detroit - Habanero
  7. Wiltshire Chili Farm Trinidad Scorpion
  8. Da' Bomb: Beyond Insanity
  9. Puckerbutt Chocolate Plague
  10. Hot Ones: The Last Dab Reduxx ( we have Last Dab Reaper and Scorpion)

New: The Hot Ones

The hit series, as seen on YouTube, Hot Ones are at it again with yet another season. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on the complete collection early!  Come on in and taste season nine before the season begins and purchase the challenge yourself.