Season Five

  1. HumbleHouse: Ancho & Morita
  2. Louisiana: The Perfect Hot Sauce
  3. The Bronx: Hot Sauce
  4. Hot Ones: Fiery Chipotle
  5. Adoboloco: Hamajang
  6. Dawson's: Hot Sauce
  7. Karma Sauce: Extreme Karma
  8. Da' Bomb: Beyond Insanity
  9. Mad Dog 357: 25th Anniversary
  10. Hot Ones: The Last Dab

New: The Hot Ones

The hit series, as seen on YouTube, Hot Ones are at it again with yet another season. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on the complete collection here in store. Check out the link above to see full explanations of each sauce and the series itself. Don't forget to come on in and buy season five to take part of the challenge yourself. Sauce responsibly.